Sunday, 29 December 2013

New Year New Shop at Sweet Greek

When Kathy Tsaples does something, she does it in a big way.

She first mentioned she was writing a book a while back and I imagined a paperback, home-photocopied kind of job. And when I saw the Sweet Greek cookbook I was blown away - a truly stunning cookbook, filled with beautiful photographs and recipes, linked together with Kathy's own story.

Fast-forward a couple of months and Kathy began tackling another project, the remaking of her Sweet Greek shop, to resemble her vision of a working kitchen in the Market and a shop that showed her favourite dishes and products.

It was a family affair, diagrams and floorplans discussed from every angle over the kitchen table.  And when it was complete, Kathy's husband and son could be found in the shop, tools in hand, supervising every copper pipe, every tile to be laid.

And now, Kathy can be found shopping for her produce in the Market (she gets her meats from Gary's, she gets her fruit and vegetables from Pino's) and walking straight to her shop to make delicious Greek savouries and sweets.

Here are a few of the new dishes on display, now that Sweet Greek has expanded facilities. The cakes have been particularly popular, with many being gluten and dairy free. Simply because wheat and milk were often scarce when these recipes were being developed.

And now Kathy's making her New Year cakes, each with a lucky coin baked inside, bringing good fortune for the next 12 months. Just like Kathy, may each of you find your coin.

Happy New Year from the Prahran Market Team

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