Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Do the Monster Mash

Halloween is upon us. How did this happen, exactly?

Unless you come from the old Celtic tradition of guising and bonfires, it seems very American, it doesn't seem very Australian at all. But this generation of children have latched onto it and trust me, they are NOT letting go. There will be broomsticks by my door and cobwebs hanging from the ceiling come Thursday night.
Purple People Eater Cookie, Rumbles Patisserie

There'll be delicious specialty items at the Market for Halloween (why hello creepy cupcakes) - and plenty, plenty of treats.

Louise Harper in the Blanco Kitchen 2012
 There are some ghoulish recipes online - purple potato mash, spooky snacks and so on. Or you can go to the extent of baking soul cakes - the ancient (but allegedly delicious) biscuit behind the tradition of trick or treating.

But for my family's Halloween celebration, I prefer to keep it simple. Old-fashioned stuff. There'll be bobbing for apples and carving of pumpkins. My tip to you: pumpkin carving is way harder than it looks and is made significantly easier with a template and the proper tools. Make it up as you go along and you may end up with a pumpkin carcass which needs a wig thrown over, Cousin Itt style.

If all else fails, then hail the Queen of American Craft, Martha Stewart. Her Halloween ideas page is filled with the ultimate in cute and creepy. Skeletons made from dried pasta, pumpkins with marshmallow teeth, it's just the right mixture of sickly and sweet for your trick or treat.


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