Monday, 19 August 2013

Your Favourite Market Moment

The paint's drying on the Elizabeth Street signs, traders are shifting the last of their stands into place and we're all buzzing about the Grand Reopening of Harvest Hall on Saturday 17 August. There are new traders and tastes still to come but everything's running smoothly.

And to thank our dear Market customers for sticking by us, through thick and thin, there's a little competition with some gorgeous shiny KitchenAid prizes. To win, all you have to do is jot down your favourite Prahran Market experience in 25 words or less.
Is it the time you found an amazing ingredient? Or when a trader introduced you to something new that changed a favourite dish? The first time you ate an oyster, the last time you came here with your grandmother.
Preparation of Spinach and Cheese Gozleme at Anatolia Gozleme Kitchen

Rummaging around in the entries, I found this one:
When my father came shopping with me and he found soutzoukakia like my mother used to make. We both teared-up.

Sweet Greek

And particularly liked this:

When I realised that I never needed to debone a chicken again and that Kevin's Poultry would do it for me. Yay!

Angasi oysters at Theo & Son's Seafood

The sheer simple enjoyment of:
Eating chilli mussels in the shell while the kids run around with gingerbread gelato.

Oh and:
When I walk in after a hard week and a trader greets me and holds out a new berry to try. It's the best!

If of course you don't need a new stand mixer or food processor, then just tell us about your favourite Prahran Market experiences just for the sheer joy of it. The love of sharing. And the love of food. That's what we're all about, after all.

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  1. It’s my place of inspiration – for ideas, advice, to be surrounded by people who love food as much as me. LOVE. IT.