Friday, 26 July 2013

Settling In, Being Busy

We're in! The Fruit and Veg Hall Traders have moved back in. Power tools and new paint jostle next to globe artichokes and sourdough. This has been a big job, with countless early mornings and late nights for builders, traders, staff. 

And it'll take a while for everything to settle in. Some traders are still finishing their fitouts while we're in the "soft launch" phase. But they're back together under the Market roof again. Tired but happy.

Freshly made spanakopita at Market Cafe
All the moving and unpacking has meant cooking's been pushed to the back of the burner for a few. And that's where being at the Market comes in handy. This is a fresh food market and most of our produce is taken home and prepared, cooked and turned into a dish greater than the sum of its parts in the alchemy of the kitchen. But sometimes I'm just tuckered out. And I want to put something on the table that's ready to be eaten, where the hard work has been done by someone else this time.
Nigiri at Sushi Gallery

Really hard work sometimes. I mean, can you make sushi like this? I cannot and that's why I leave it to Tony and his team of experts at Sushi Gallery. (Do not come waving a bamboo mat at me, I am not interested in hearing about it. I want to go lie down. I have been doing things all day.)

Seafood Pie at the Mussel Pot
 These are some of the dishes that can found around the Market and stashed in the fridge for those days when steaming a lobster and making Persian Jeweled Rice seem too much. You can still eat well, and eat healthily ... and be back at your tasks within 20 minutes.

Schroom Burger, Market Lane on Saturdays
This is my kind of fast food, layers of ricotta and spinach wedged between filo pastry, cooked up daily by Vicki and her family at Market Cafe. Fresh soups at Health Bowl Cafe that I can choose from the fridge and heat in mintues at home. Tomorrow I'll soak the chickpeas, skim the stock and make my own. But tonight, it's the sofa and a snooze and that feels just right.

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