Friday, 5 July 2013

Getting Cosy

Christmas (in July) is coming, the geese are getting fat ....

John Cesters Poultry & Game
Winter, the time to traditionally hibernate, wrap yourself in an extra rug on the sofa and settle in, with a good book and a mug of tea.

On these chilly Melbourne days we need something to ward off the wind, whether it's a woolly scarf, a sturdy coat or a nice thick slab of pork belly. For some primal reason, the desire for fat comes to the forefront - the temperature drops and I'm checking out free range goslings and corn-fed duck at John Cesters Poultry & Game and mooning over marbled steaks at Neil's Meats.

King Island Seal Bay Triple Cream Cheese from the Cheese Shop Deli

And finishing soups with a swirl of olive oil, pulling out the d'Affinois after dessert. Comfort food, much of it created in European winters, was designed to keep the home fires burning in times of scarcity and times of cold.

Of course I'm not suggesting we eat nothing but rich foods. Winter is also the time of thick bean soups, roasted cauliflower and steamed broccoli. Asian greens are at their best and you can just feel the goodness bursting out of the fresh leaves of gai lan and pak choy.

These brilliant avocados are also in season and straight off the truck from Mildura. A skinful of sunshine and packed full of monounsaturated fat. Smashed on wholegrain toast with feta or a little lemon, it's a great start to the day and a bolster against wet and cold commutes.

Come spring, it'll be all green shoots and baby herbs, asparagus and prawns. But for now, it's the rib-stickin' stuff, mash with truffles and a pint of cream to see us through the dark days.

Do you agree?

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