Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mother's Day and Market Days

It's May and that means Mother's Day at the Market. If you were to believe the avalance of catalogues that have been shoved through my letterbox since April, Mother's Day is a riot of commercialism, and if your mater does not receive at least one pair of slippers, a chunky bestselling novel AND a miniature vacuum cleaning device of some sort, you have failed and are that ingrate, the thankless child (cue reading from King Lear, serpent's tooth etc, etc).

As always, here at the Market, I believe in giving appropriately. And from the heart (I will get to duty gifts later). Let's not think about what you'd like your mother to use - Hallo Mother, here is a copy of Momofuku and I'll be around for some pork buns with pickled cucumber in 24 hours - but what she would actually, truly like to receive.

Samantha Robinson cups at Market Lane

Is she a coffee fanatic? How about a membership to Market Lane's Coffee Club or one of these beautiful Samantha Robinson cups?

If she's a gardener, then stop by Prahran Garden Centre and peruse the many options - orchids, perennials, small decorative trees and herb planters. Donnally's Party Supplies are stocked with cards and naturally our three florists will be bursting to capacity with beautiful bunches of flowers.

A giftbox of delicious goodies from the Brownie Bar or Abla's Patisserie may be just the thing to fill your mother's face with delight. Or one of our cheeseboards covered with a selection of ripe, rich cheeses. And for the adventurous, spice-loving parent, perhaps a beautiful tin of Sohan Koosha, Iranian toffee, from 53 Degrees East.

The Essential Ingredient is a wonderland of gifts for the foodie mother - from KitchenAid mixers and copper roasting pans to signed cookbooks and salt bricks.

Accompany this gift with a box of macarons from Health Bowl Cafe

For the homemade gift, check out Tad Lombardo's easy chocolate recipes for Chocolate Dipped Candied Orange Peel, Fudge or Sage Truffles. You can also swing by and choose your own selection box from Tad's stall at the Artisan Market on Saturday or Heritage Chocolates.

A surefire recomendation for anyone who loves to cook and shop locally is Kathy Tsaple's book Sweet Greek, available from Kathy's own hands, after Wednesday's launch. It is a truly lovely volume, entwining food and family together in a way just perfect for Mother's Day.

But if you are going through the motions in order to avoid a barrage of phone calls and a pointed reminder in the annual Christmas letter, let me suggest a Prahran Market Gift Voucher or a Hidden Gems Market Tour. For $50, your mother and a friend will spend an hour or so guided through the Market, learning its history, meeting some of our Traders, tasting, talking, trying unusual and interesting produce. A gift that brings your mother closer to food, cooking and us. Now you can't get much better than that, can you?

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