Friday, 8 March 2013

Transeasonal Times

Garden State Fruit Supply
Transeasonal. A term more usually applied to a lightweight jacket, a heavy silk blouse, a pair of trousers capable of appearing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival AND the Spring Racing Carnival .

Ripe the Organic Grocer

And here at the Market, despite a brief squabble about the equinox, we turn a leaf over on 1 March and note the arrival of autumn, despite 30-degree-plus days convincing us otherwise. But it's distinctly odd, a time of promise and a time to linger. 

Wandering around the Fruit and Veg Hall (the best marker of seasonality) the early indications of autumn arrived last week. The first of the Corella pears, the first of the Jonathan apples. Small and sweet, the perfect size for little hands to grab from lunchboxes. And the first of the Australian pomegranates. We see only the Californian ones during the summer, grown far away in the San Joaquin Valley. But come the falling leaves and the local ones begin to make their way into the Market, followed by nashi pears and mandarins.

And yet, at the same time, you can still spot a box of cherries here and there. Plump, heavy, baked into chocolate cake, swirled through ice cream. Mangoes and pineapples still tell their brightly coloured tale of sunny days. Where to turn, what to do?

Cheong Fruit and Vegetables

Well, I for one am going to celebrate these mixed-up moments. Take Nigella Lawson's Antioxidant Fruit Salad - a simple salad, whose ingredients only collide at this time. One mango, one pomegranate, a punnet of blueberries. Dice, de-seed, tumble into a bowl, Squeeze a lime over. It could not be more simple or delicious. Just like now.


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