Friday, 11 January 2013


This week saw many of you shrug off the shorts and t-shirts and head back to work. It is practically an Australian tradition that no one should be forced back to their place of employment while there is Test cricket on the tv, but the harsh truth is that someone has to hold down the fort. And that someone, sad to say, is often you.

To make the transition more palatable, here are some of the top tips provided by our dear Twitter friends:


Coffee. Let's face it, the whole concept of getting up in the morning just got a lot more interesting. Drag your sorry self into one of our cafes for a latte or give yourself an extra bit of va-va-voom with an espresso at Market Lane.

Flick through the food section of the paper. Ignore the weather report (27 degrees and clear skies). Brace yourself and head in to work.


Your desk drawer should be a place of sanctuary. Yes, there's that one with staplers and old pencils and the like. But everyone should have a drawer with their secret stash - a bar of Dolfin chocolate from the Essential Ingredient, some roasted almonds from 53 Degrees East. And a box of chocolate biscuits to get through very stressful afternoons (the arrival of the Christmas credit card statement for example). I highly recommend McVities Dark Chocolate Digestives from Delicatess and Phillippa's Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Cookies from Pete n Rosie's Deli.


After the culinary and financial indulgences of December, many are looking to tighten their belts, both literally and metaphorically. Make your own yoghurt parfait at home and pop it in the fridge for morning tea - simply dollop in some yoghurt from the Health Bowl and top with muesli and blueberries. Just knowing that it is waiting there, healthy, delicious and saving you from the purchase of a packet of vending machine chips should be enough to make you smile.


Open up some of the beautiful cookbooks you were lucky enough to receive over the holidays. (If you were not lucky, come wander through the Essential Ingredient's fabulous selection). Pick a handful of summertime recipes, to learn and then master this year. Plan culinary adventures in your lunch break and then pop in here on your way home (we're open until 6pm on Fridays).

Any other tips on how to ease your way back into the working year?

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