Friday, 14 December 2012

White Christmas Australian Style

I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas .... and I'm going to have it. Yes, really. Right here, in sunny Melbourne. Under clear blue skies you too can choose the best of the lightest and brightest summer treats our fair city has to offer. Celebrate with a bit of sparkle this Yule!

Crayfish Rolls

One of the iconic dishes Andrew McConnell has introduced to Melbourne is his twist on the lobster roll. More of a delicious brioche-y bite than a roll, over 35,000 of these have trotted out of the Golden Fields kitchen since it opened. A platter of these will look beautiful on any Christmas table, the perfect little snack to knock back with a glass of champagne while people mingle and excited children run riot.

A basket full of brioche rolls from Noisette (essential to order), a cooked crayfish from Claringbolds, some Kewpie mayonnaise from Lee's Asian Grocery, some sliced shallots and watercress. Cut the rolls in half, fry gently in butter and assemble. Easily done and simply spectacular. Not many of your guests will had the chance to indulge in such a luscious mouthful, so pile them high.

Goat Curd

One of the loveliest cheeses to arrive at the Market this time of year is fresh goat curd. Angelo from the Cheese Shop Deli says that goat milk is at its best in the summer and he brings it in from the Meredith Dairy in Western Victoria. Tip it onto a plate, drizzle some lemon oil over, stick some crackers round. Or toss a light dressing over peashoots, then scatter slivered almonds and spoonfuls of this curd. This is summer in a bowl. Truly.

Ice Cream Pudding

It is sometimes Just Too Hot to get into the whole heavy plum pud thing here. Face it. But it is a rare person who will say no to a scoop of ice cream pudding, that particularly Australian inclination. Take home a tub of Fritz Gelato's vanilla gelato and some glacé fruit from the Sweet and Nut Shop or Pete n Rosie's Deli. Dice the fruit (add plenty of cherries) mix with brandy through softened gelato. Pop into a pudding mould and turn out for the big day. Delicious and delightful.


The quintessential Aussie summer dessert, this is also perfect to make ahead of time. The pavlova needs to cool slowly in the oven so this can done the day before. On Christmas Day, all you need to do is top with whipped vanilla cream and sliced white peaches and raspberries. A little bit of Billington's Golden Icing Sugar from Delicatess and you're done and dusted.

And there are plenty of other Australian offerings around the Market. This Desert Road from Pete n Rosie's Deli is an ironic twist on rocky road. Cut it up and pop on  a platter with some fruit and nuts. The perfect nibble for just when you think you can't eat one thing more. May your days be merry and bright and may all your Christmases be white ...

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