Friday, 9 November 2012

Local Garlic - We Love It, We Love It!

Here in the Market, you could assume that we love most food. And we do, pretty much, all of the good stuff. But there is a very special place in our hearts for garlic, and particularly local Australian garlic. 

If there is one product we would go down on our knees and implore you to buy locally, it's garlic. No question. For some of the year, the only way to have it is preserved or imported from China, Spain or Mexico. But many of these have been bleached and have been irridated with methyl bromide before arriving in Australia.

Australian garlic is the Real Deal. And when the lovely local bulbs arrive, do your hearts not sing? At the sight of the purple heads, enclosing white cloves bursting out of their papery skins? This, fresh-from-the-harvest garlic is milder than dried and perfect for embracing the delights of spring - asparagus, new butter, spring lamb and vine ripened tomatoes.


On Saturday 17 November 2012 we are celebrating our love of Australian garlic. Come and follow the Garlic Trail, taste a range of Australian garlic varities raw and rubbed on toast and vote for your favourite. Delicatessens are offering tastings of garlic products - Naheda's famous garlic and 3 olive dip, aioli, Boursin, you name it.  Our butchers will be barbecuing some delicious garlicky Chorizo sausage and Souvlaki lamb.

And have you ever wondered what garlic icecream tastes like? Garlic chocolate? You have, haven't you? We'll be dishing out free garlic icecream at Fritz Gelato and free garlic chocolate at Cioccolato Lombardo until supplies are exhausted.

Come. Show how much you love garlic. And Australia. And US.

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